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DBV Technologies and the CEA collaborate in the treatment of allergies

DBV Technologies, creator of the Viaskin® patch for allergy treatment, has signed a collaborative agreement with the Centre National de Génotypage of the CEA-IG, to understand the epigenetic mechanisms of this treatment.

Published on 9 April 2014

Epigenetic mechanisms are modifications to the hereditary structure (e.g. DNA methylation) that modulate the expression of genes without affecting their sequence, and which can be transmitted during cell division. In collaboration with DBV Technologies, the team of Jörg Tost at the Centre National de Génotypage (CNG) of the CEA-IG will characterize the epigenetic modifications induced by Viaskin®. This is an allergy treatment by epicutaneous immunotherapy, which involves the controlled administration of allergens in the skin. The purpose is to understand the maintenance over time of the treatment effect and the predictive value of the response to Viaskin®. Preliminary experiments conducted by DBV have shown that Viaskin® could induce a modification to the DNA methylation state, and therefore have lasting effects.

“The modulation of the immune system through epigenetic modifications has become one of the principal subjects in our laboratory”, explains Jörg Tost. “This partnership with DBV Technologies is an application of the analysis of DNA methylation in the context of a pharmaceutical product, a sector in which the aspect of epigenetic gene regulation is under-researched.” Beyond understanding the cellular mechanisms of cutaneous immunotherapy and the induced epigenetic mechanisms, this work should make it possible in time to safely treat allergy patients, even the most vulnerable (such as young children) and those that suffer from the most severe allergies (such as peanut allergy.

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