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Industry partnerships

Published on 26 March 2015
The CEA’s Life Sciences Division supports and contributes to the innovation efforts of businesses in the life sciences, by placing its scientific expertise and technologies at their service. The skills of the DSV run from basic research at the highest level to clinical research and industrial applications.

From research to industry

In order to foster industrial innovation, the DSV ensures a continuum between basic research and technology through its facilities, platforms and large research infrastructures, as well as its expertise and knowledge at the forefront of international research.

The DSV's life sciences skill set covers diverse areas such as radiobiology, nuclear and nanoparticle toxicology, bioenergy, life sciences for biotechnology, imaging, medical research, and even genomics.

With over 20 years of experience in technology transfer, the DSV supports its laboratories in transferring their innovative work within its focus areas.

The DSV conducts an active policy of transferring innovation via:

  • Commercialization of its patent portfolio: license transfer or agreement
  • Making available its R&D resources: scientific collaborations and services, and technological platforms
  • The expansion of innovative projects: spin-offs and start-ups

Working with industry

With an extensive experience in industrial collaborations, our teams work:

  • Intimately with partners, to be as close and responsive as possible to their industrial needs
  • To ensure the protection of the projects (patents, confidentiality agreements, MTA, etc.)
  • By following a quality procedure adapted to the activity (GLP standards, ISO 9001 certification for project management and technology platforms, etc.)

Our partner companies

Regarding its wide range of skills, the DSV has close collaborative partnerships with the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotech, medtech and greentech industries.


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