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MetaboHUB: a national infrastructure in metabolomics and fluxomics

Published on 30 January 2015
MetaboHUB is a National Infrastructure in Biology and Health that coordinates the development of technologies and methodologies in the fields of metabolomics and fluxomics. This is for characterizing large sample sets (human cohorts, large populations of plants, microorganisms, etc.) at the biochemical level, and for supporting systems biology approaches. Applications also include health and nutrition as well as agriculture and the environment.

Its missions

  • Combine and standardize advanced methods in high throughput biochemical analysis for biochemical phenotyping of large sample sets and systems biology
  • Maintain reference databases for the annotation of metabolomes (e.g. human biological fluids, plant extracts, microorganisms, and extracts of animal cells)
  • Develop high throughput flux measurements (at the cellular and subcellular scales) through the integration of analytical data from multiple scanning devices 
  • Sharing of knowledge (technology transfer, science communication, and training)
Analysis of metabolomics
The data acquired frome metabolomics are both numerous and voluminous. Their processing, utilization and analysis require an expertise in bioinformatics. ©MetaboHUB

Services offered


The infrastructure provides academic research teams and partners in industry with access to expertise and high added value services in metabolomics and fluxomics.

The application of techniques developed by MetaboHUB brings many tools to the scientific community:

  • Relevant biomarkers for nutrition and personalized medicine, and for the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and infectious diseases
  • Indicators of stress and biomarkers useful for breeding programs and agricultural practices
  • New tools to optimize microbial metabolic engineering, in order to create new pathways for the synthesis of molecules with industrial applications



INRA, CNRS, Université de Bordeaux, CEA, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Université Blaise Pascale, INSAT, Inserm, Université Paul Sabatier



MetaboHUB groups 4 sites dedicated to metabolomics in Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Gif-sur-Yvette and Toulouse.




Dominique Rolin, director of the Functional Genomic Center of Bordeaux (INRA)

MetaboHUB at the CEA

The DSV team participating in this infrastructure is the Drug Metabolism Research Laboratory, LEMM (CEA-IBITECS). Its research activity within MetaboHUB involves both methodological developments in high-resolution mass spectrometry and applications in human health and the environment. For example, researchers at the LEMM endeavor to characterize biomarkers in the fields of neurology, oncology, genetic diseases of red blood cells and microbiology.

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