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France Génomique

Published on 30 January 2015
​France Génomique is a National Infrastructure in Biology and Health whose main objective is to keep France at the forefront of genomics, both in the use of technology (sequencing and latest generation bioinformatics) and in the development of new applications for these technologies. By allowing the mapping of genomes, the identification of new genes and the study of their functions, genomics has become a strategic tool for research in all life science fields (e.g. human, animal, and plant).
The CEA teams involved in France Génomique also participate in the European infrastructure ESGI within the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3).

Its missions

  • Ensure active technological monitoring and early benchmarking of new instruments and software appearing in the field
  • Develop protocols, data analysis methodologies, and software to automate these analyses (analysis pipelines)
  • Disseminate this expertise and knowledge within the national scientific community

Services offered

France Génomique offers to the national and international scientific communities, through a single portal, expertise and services with high added value in genomics and associated bioinformatics. By grouping most of the principal French genomics platforms (sequencing and/or bioinformatics), each with their own special features, France Génomique offers both a significant sequencing capacity and a large diversity of skills, technologies and applications.

Additionally, the France Génomique platforms offer all necessary assistance in project design and data mining strategies.

The genomics institute of the CEA provides the second-largest sequencing capacity in Europe (2014). Here, a room of sequencers at the Centre National de Génotypage (CEA-IG). © L.Godard/CEA


France Génomique brings together the main French genomics centers. The main partners are the CEA, INRA, CNRS and Inserm. The Institut Pasteur, Institut Curie and many universities are also involved.

Genomics allows, among other things, taking an inventory of the underwater microscopic biodiversity (here, the zooplankton Oikopleura dioica). The teams of the CEA-IG are involved in the project Tara-Oceans
© JM Bouquet- J Slama/Science/AAAS

​France Génomique at the CEA

The entire Institut de Génomique (IG) is involved in the infrastructure. The IG groups the Genoscope and the CNG (Centre National de Génotypage). The Genoscope focuses on biodiversity, notably including the sequencing of whole genomes and metagenomes. The CNG is specialized in human genetics and the acquisition of large-scale data on frequent or rare diseases.
The IG provides its bioinformatics resources, enzyme activities screening platform, and identification of human genetic mutations platform (“Mutations” platform) to teams whose projects have been selected by France Génomique.


The objective of France Génomique is to centralize the supply of French sequencing and bioinformatics platforms. For this, a governing body was established, composed of several committees that are intended to manage the infrastructure and direct its strategy, as well as evaluate and select projects.




Pierre Le Ber from the Institut de Génomique (CEA-IG).

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