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Séminaire invité Symmes

Nanostructured layered hydroxides for sustainable energy applications

Jeudi 12 mars 2020 à 15:00, Salle 421-A, bâtiment C5, CEA-Grenoble

Publié le 12 mars 2020
Par Matias Jobbagy
Instituto de Quimica, Fisica de los Materiales, Medioambiente y Energia - Consejo National de Investigaciones Cientificas y Técnicas - Argentina

Nowadays, much attention is focused on electrochemical-based platforms for energy storage as conversion as supercapacitors and water splitting cells. These platforms require the design and preparation of efficient heterogeneous electrocatalysts in terms of cost and performance. Among the most promising materials, crystalline transition metal layered hydroxides, bearing a well-defined chemical and structural nature, play a key role.
Along this seminar we will discuss how mild chemical strategies as the homogeneous alkalinisation (epoxide route) allow the design and preparation of the electrocatalysts of the future, under controlled crystallization scenarios. In addition, fundamental concepts and strategies of nanoscience and nanotechnology help us to texturize and organize these materials in a more rational fashion. Beyond these general aspects, the current achievements will be illustrated with the behaviour of Ni-Co binary hydroxides and a comprehensive characterization employing PXRD, XAS, UV-Vis spectroscopy and DFT+U simulations.

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