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Séminaire interne Spintec

Nanometer thick Bismuth doped Yttrium Iron Garnet films and their applications

Vendredi 18 novembre 2022 à 11:00, Salle de séminaire 445, bâtiment 1005, CEA-Grenoble (accès réservé aux personnes ayant un badge CEA)

Publié le 18 novembre 2022
Lucile Soumah
Postdoc Spintec
Magnetic insulators are materials of choice when it comes to spin dynamics as they usually exhibit lower magnetic losses than their conducting counterparts. This enables long distance spin wave propagation and efficient spin transfer torque. Ultrathin (nm thick) Ytrrium Iron Garnet (YIG) films with low enough losses and thickness have been used to observe various magnon spintronic effects such as current induced generation of auto oscillations or spin wave propagation [1]. However, due to shape anisotropy and low spin orbit coupling, YIG films remain in plane magnetized which brought limitations in terms of their applications for magnon-spintronic. In that regard, out-of-plane magnetized ultrathin magnetic insulators with low magnetic losses were, for a while, a need for magnon-spintronic applications. Moreover, light-based detection techniques (such as Brillouin Light scattering), commonly used to image spin dynamics in insulators, were suffering of the low magneto-optical coefficient in those in-plane magnetized YIG films which made detection with such experimental set up long and tedious. In this seminar we present the growth of nanometer thick, Bismuth doped YIG films by pulsed laser deposition technique. In those ultrathin films we could achieve high faraday rotation and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy while keeping magnetic losses comparable to the undoped YIG thin films [2]. We show how this new material has been proven to be attractive for the field of magnons spintronics [3] and light induced magnetization dynamics [4].

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