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Séminaire invité Département Nanophysique (DEPHY)

Unique magnetoresistance and Hall effects in classical triangular antiferromagnet Ag2CrO2 thin films

Vendredi 07 octobre 2022 à 11:00, Salle de séminaire 445, bâtiment 1005, CEA-Grenoble (accès réservé aux personnes ayant un badge CEA)

Publié le 7 octobre 2022
Mori Watanabe
C2N, Osaka University
Ag2CrO2, a triangular lattice antiferromagnet (TAFM) with S = 3/2 localized at the Cr site, has been gaining attraction in recent years. Below its magnetic transition temperature at TN = 24 K, some of the spin sites show a peculiar spin state, known as a partially disordered (PD) state, and act as effective free spins even under its magnetic transition temperature, making Ag2CrO2 an ideal stage to study spin liquid crystals. Moreover, it is one of the few TAFMs with high electrical conductivity. Although the bulk material is polycrystalline, recent research showed its crystallinity can be dramatically increased through the mechanical exfoliation technique similar to other van-der-Waals materials, making electrical transport measurements of high quality Ag2CrO2 possible. The PD sites lead to unique electrical transport phenomena, such as large butterfly shaped hysteresis which only appears in the vicinity of TN. The result indicates that fluctuations of the PD spin state have a significant effect on the electrical transport properties of Ag2CrO22. In this presentation, we will report on electrical transport measurements of Ag2CrO2 thin films up to 8 T, in the temperature range from 5 to 44 K. The behavior of the magnetoresistance changes dramatically throughout this temperature range, and noticeably large magnetoresistance up to 80 % was observed owing to the high conductivity. We will also discuss Hall measurements where anomalous terms were present, possibly related to the higher order fluctuations of the spins.

Plus d'information : https://www.spintec.fr/seminar-unique-magnetoresistance-and-hall-effects-in-classical-triangular-antiferromagnet-ag2cro2-thin-films/

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