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Nanoparticles as a new contrast agent?

Nicolas Daveau, Arcane's winner 2022 Graphical Abstract Contest

Published on 15 June 2022

Nicolas Daveau, PhD student at IRIG, is the winner of the Arcane Graphical Abstract 2022 contest, a graphic contest whose objective is to illustrate a thesis project in the form of an image. In this video, Nicolas presents his work on nanoparticles with the objective of developing a new contrast agent. These contrast agents are used in medical imaging for the detection of cancer cells and other biological entities. They attach to their target and glow to facilitate detection. Recently, a new generation of agents has been developed based on nanoparticles which, for some, present interesting optical properties. The objective of Nicolas' thesis work is to study the interactions between these nanoparticles to create a new high brightness contrast agent.
This work is carried out in two IRIG laboratories (SYMMES and PHELIQS) and the DTBS at CEA-Grenoble. The Labex ARCANE and LANEF support this research.