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Start-up Nellow wins 1st prize at the HEC Challenge + Forum

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The start-up Nellow, ​​​a joint research unit from IRIG/SPINTEC and the CNRS/Thales, was awarded the 1st prize at the HEC Challenge+ Forum. The start-up develops ultra-low-power components for memory, logic and AI.

Published on 27 November 2023

Nellow is a start-up due to be created in 2024. Its technology is the result of 15 years of cutting-edge fundamental and applied research by CEA-​IRIG (SPINTEC laboratory) and the mixed research unit CNRS/Thales.​​​
Nellow benefits from access to clean rooms, cutting edge nanofabrication equipments and characterization techniques. With an expertise ranging from materials and nanodevices to integrated circuit design and advanced test, around 20 people are currently working on the development of th​is technology.​

Nellow executives at the award ceremony on November 22, 2023​ (JP. Attané CEO, M. Bibes CSO and L. Vila CTO).​​

​The H​EC Challenge​+ program helps developers of innovative projects with high growth potential build their business plan, and provides assistance throughout the development process​.

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