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PEPR SPIN for frugal agile and sustainable digital tech

​​​​​​​​On 29 January in Grenoble, CEA-IRIG and CNRS PHYSICS launched SPIN a national Priority Exploratory Research Program and Equipment. This project brings​ together leading French laboratories to support a new cycle of innovations in spintronics, focusing on promising emerging themes for a new generation of digital components that are frugal, agile and more sustainable. The PEPR SPIN aims to strengthen a platforms network dedicated to the advanced characterisation and multi-scale modelling of innovative materials and to support original interdisciplinary research.

Published on 29 January 2024

The digital world expansion is having a significant impact on our environment, with forecasts estimating that it could absorb more than 20% of the world's electricity consumption. A paradigm shift is therefore becoming a priority to make the energy efficiency of future electronic devices a major performance criterion on a par with computing power, speed, miniaturisation and cost.

PEPR SPIN main missions are to :

  • ​Support innovative fundamental research in spintronics, 
  • maintain the leadership of the French community in Europe and internationally, 
  • strengthen or create bridges with other communities and with national industrial players, to make spintronics a long-term part of the national electronics strategy in the fields of information and communication, artificial intelligence, security a​nd health.

Five projects were launched at the end of 2023:

    CHIREX: beyond CMOS with chiral textures
  • ​TOAST: towards spin-based THz technology
  • ​SWING: spin waves for advanced signal processing
  • ​SPINCOM: radio-frequency spintronics for intelligent communication solutions
  • ​ADAGE: next-generation magnetic detection.

Photo: IRIG/SPINTEC laboratory ©​Pierre Jayet

​​PEPR SPIN will help to strengthen three cross-disciplinary projects: SPINMAT Advanced materials for spintronics; SPINCHARAC Advanced characterisation equipment; and SPINTHEORY Multiscale theory and modelling.
"Thanks to PEPR SPIN, the strong momentum of spintronics will open up entirely new prospects in the fields of computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, reprogrammable logic and AI components; these are all areas where there are major issues of sovereignty in information technology, security, energy and health, as well as in the defence, nuclear and aerospace markets" said the programme directors, Lucian Prejbeanu from CEA-IRIG and Vincent Cros from CNRS PHYSIQUE.​

Photo: Directors​ Lucian Prejbeanu CEA-IRIG (left) and Vincent Cros CNRS PHYSIQUE (right) ​©​Pierre Jayet
PEPR SPIN institutional partners: CEA, CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes, Université Paris-Saclay and Université de Lorraine.

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