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Energies | Simulation & modélisation


Du 26/03/2024 au 28/03/2024

OpenMode Workshop

The open energy modelling initiative (openmod 1) is one of the largest grassroots initiatives in the energy planning field. We exchange ideas and source code, lobby for policy support for open projects, actively share data, results, and know-how, and seek community-wide solutions to overarching challenges. 

We are expecting European researchers, laboratories and companies commited to open source practices to come and discuss energy system modelling for policy making, long-term planning, design and operation. Some keywords: open models and data, optimisation models, agent-based models, dynamic models, machine learning, sector-coupling, electricity markets and stability, hydrogen, heat, water, carbon, resources, justice, equity, resilience, global south.

This workshop is open to all researchers working on similar or related topics, whether they are experienced, beginners, from universities, research facilities or companies. Everyone is welcome to participate by contributing through a lightning talk and/or a poster or a breakout session (see the Call for participation session)​

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