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Raw materials in a changing world

Du 21/02/2024 au 23/02/2024
Torino, Italy

IRTC 2024 – Raw Materials in a Changing World

After a very successful first IRTC (–International Round Table on Materials Criticality​) conference in Lille in 2023, the 2024 IRTC conference focuses on new approaches to criticality to face the challenges of a changing geopolitical configuration and the material needs to combat the climate crisis – looking at emerging policies, new ideas for criticality mitigation, and novel forms of collaboration between sectors and countries to foster supply security and sustainability.​

Session 1: Emerging raw materials policies and their impacts
Session 2: Forecasting critical raw materials supply and demand
Session 3: New forms of sustainable value creation from CRMs
Session 4: Emerging sectors and technologies
Session 5: New data and tools
Session 6: New ideas on critical raw materials

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