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Mooltibox Signs a Networks and Telecomms Technological Partnership with the CEA

​The Mooltibox company strives to create reliable and productive communications and information systems that are available to small and medium-sized enterprises so it has developed simple, dedicated technological solutions that are both innovative and economical. In order to introduce maximum innovation in the service of its customers, this start-up aims to go further than its own R&D by incorporating technologies produced through key partnerships with leading research laboratories in the fields in question. The partnership signed with the CEA is part of this drive for greater innovation.

Published on 6 May 2015

Within the space of a decade, the business communications field has undergone major transformations due to the emergence of new “fixed-mobile-data” combined communications solutions, such as IP telephony, web conferencing, instant messaging and collaborative services. This revolution, one that has now been perfectly incorporated into large companies, is hard to introduce into small and medium-sized companies due to the complexity and the cost of implementing the technology.

Like all other companies, SMEs need combined communications solutions of the “fixed-mobile-data” type that ought to be easy to install and simple to use while achieving a high level of performance.

Designing reliable communications systems that are accessible and productive for SMEs

To respond to this major challenge, Mooltibox, a start-up specialising in digital technologies, has designed a range of innovative products combining collaborative tools, data protection, unified communications and mobility in a single solution, the SMOP (SMall Office Platform) and the SMOP mini, using all-in-one, upgradeable, multifunctional servers (telecoms, computing) combined into a single software applications panel operating locally and in the cloud. With the help of decision-making algorithms, these servers are provided with an increasingly long battery life that is particularly suited to SME ecosystems. A wireless universal teleconferencing system consisting of multiple connections incorporated into an SMOP, offered in standalone mode in the form of a TWIP™ (Teleconference WIreless Phone), completes the package and thus makes it possible to enhance cooperation and exchanges between individuals in any circumstance.


Combining research and expertise
to develop suitable tools

In order to design the various tools aimed at SMEs, Mooltibox combines internal research and partnerships with research laboratories. According to Mooltibox director Marc Tremouilloux, “Mooltibox supports SMEs in the context of constant change. Innovation and R&D are at the heart of the start-up initiative. Even apart from the patents filed, partnerships play a major role in exploring technological avenues that will help us provide the best answers for users. The CEA-List fulfils this role and opens up a very promising field of possibilities”.

The CEA-List in fact develops innovative networking communications technologies that meet the growing needs of numerous areas of business, such as telecoms, transport, security, defence and even energy.

In particular, in the context of the upgrading of wireless networks to 5G, the CEA-List has developed a programmable software platform of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) type for the management and control of networking equipment. This platform makes it possible to reconfigure and optimise the equipment, services, resources and traffic of a telecommunications network and to do so extremely simply, quickly and uniformly. According to CEA-List manager Karine Gosse, “the Institute’s experts rely on specific technological bricks, created from 5G, to offer SMEs the latest communication solutions that are simple to use”. Thus, in the context of its cooperation with Mooltibox, the CEA-List will adapt and deploy certain elements in this SDN platform as part of the start-up’s products, especially the SMOP and SMOP mini-servers. Furthermore, the prospects offered through the introduction of a future joint CEA-Mooltibox laboratory are part of the sustainable innovation of the start-up’s products and solutions offering the greatest benefits for VSEs and SMEs.

The initial technology resulting from cooperation between Mooltibox and the CEA-List will be incorporated into the SMOP mini-server as soon as it is launched commercially, an event planned for the last quarter of 2015.


About Mooltibox

Mooltibox™is a start-up offering innovative technological solutions that are easy to use and accessible to every kind of business.

Its upgradeable hardware and software platforms provide a uniform solution to the multiple needs of companies working in the fields of Computing, Communications and Collaborative Tools by concentrating on a mix of solutions applied locally and in the Cloud.

Mooltibox products are the result of convergent technologies originating from Communications, Networks and the Internet, though they do not require the installers to have specialist technical knowledge.

For more information, please visit the web site or follow us on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Viadeo and Facebook



About CEA-List

The Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives [The Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission] (CEA) is public a research body that is involved in four major fields. These are low-carbon energy, information and health technologies as well as “Très Grandes Infrastructures de Recherche” [Very Large Research Structures] (TGIR), defence and general security. The CEA relies on basic research of the highest standard of excellence and recognised expertise. It participates in the setting up of collaborative projects with numerous academic and industrial partners. With its 16,000 researchers and employees, it is a major player in European research and is exercising an increasing presence internationally.

Within the technological research administration, CEA Tech, the CEA-List Institute focuses on research into intelligent digital systems. Its R&D programmes concentrate on research into intelligent digital systems and are designed to face major economic and corporate challenges, centred on advances in manufacturing, on-board systems, mobile intelligence and the use of ionising radiation in health care. By developing state-of-the-art technologies, the CEA-List contributes to the industrial competitiveness of its partners through innovation and technology transfer. The quality of the CEA-List’s partnership research projects resulted in it being awarded the Institut Carnot Label from the outset of the award in 2006 (

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