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Piezoelectric actuators, next driver for MEMS market?

Publié le 29 mars 2018
Piezoelectric actuators, next driver for MEMS market?
Fanget S., Casset F., Nicolas S., Dieppedale C., Allain M., Desloges B., Le Rhun G.
Source-TitleAdvanced Materials - TechConnect Briefs 2017
Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI, France
Over the past three decades, huge progresses have been made in MEMS technologies. Hundreds of millions of MEMS, principally: accelerometers, gyroscopes and microphones, are commercialized yearly. This should continue to increase rapidly with upcoming new applications related to IOT or autonomous cars. These new opportunities could be the trigger for a rapid growth of the MEMS actuators market. To perform micro-actuators, LETI has been developing for more than 25 years a large know-how on piezoelectric thin films: Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) and Aluminum Nitride (A1N). Using PZT or A1N thin films deposited by sol-gel method and sputtering respectively on a released silicon membrane, two powerful technological platforms have been developed for a large number of applications. These platforms and some of these applications are presented below.
MEMS, Microactuators, Piezoelectric thin films
Actuators, Commerce, Ferroelectric ceramics, MEMS, Microactuators, Piezoelectricity, Semiconducting lead compounds, Sol-gel process, Sol-gels, Technology transfer, Thin films, Autonomous car, Lead zirconate titanate, MEMS actuators, MEMS technology, New applications, Piezoelectric thin films, Silicon membranes, Technological platform, Piezoelectric actuators
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