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Live Webcast: MEMS Current Status and Future Directions

Le 11/05/2016
 Live Webcast

In 2015, the MEMS market did not grow as much as we initially expected. In the past, the Smart Phone industry was a strong driver of the MEMS industry with ever increasing volume. Today, MEMS are becoming commodity products with very low price. The webcast will review the latest market data and forecasts for the future. The MEMS "commoditization" paradox will be discussed as well as latest technical trends (sensors combos, packaging).
Get the latest statistics on the MEMS market, including a forecast for future growth.
Learn about the MEMS "commoditization" paradox.
Hear about the latest technical trends, including the research underway at CEA-Leti.
Designers, process engineers and managers interested in learning more MEMS, sensor fusion and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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LIVE DATE: May 11th
LIVE WEBCAST Free to Attend

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