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MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit 2023

From 9/19/2023 to 9/21/2023
WTC World Trade Center, Grenoble, France

​​​​​​​SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit to highlight innovation, industry growth and workforce diversity 

More than 400 industry experts will gather for insights into the latest technology developments and trends across the MEMS and sensors supply chain at SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit, 19-22 September 2023 at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Grenoble, France.

Themed Ubiquitous sensing for a sustainable world, SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit will feature leading companies, technologies, and innovators driving the future of MEMS and imaging sensors design and manufacturing. The event is hosted by SEMI Europe and the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group, a SEMI Technology Community.

​​CEA-Leti's experts will be available to exchange at booth 22

Keynote speakers will focus on MEMS and imaging sensor innovations driving an explosion of Smart applications across medical, mobility, communications and other sectors. Meet CEA-Leti's experts during the following sessions:

DAY 2 - Wednesday, September 20

Session 3.1: Future of MEMS Technology​ (2:10 pm - 2:30 pm)


Marc​ Sansa 

R&D Project Manager

​Enabling High Efficiency Sensing with Optomechanical Devices​

"Micro-electromechanical (MEMS) sensors have become ubiquotous in a large number of applications, dominating the consumer field and moving towards high-performance industrial and military applications. However, nowaday’s sensors rely on electrical transduction, limiting their attainable performance. Optomechanical detection has emerged as a highly efficient alternative, which has the potential to eliminate performance barriers hampering the current generation of sensors. This talk will present LETI’s large-scale optomechanical technology, enabling emerging applications in a variety of fields such as biological sensing, high-speed AFM and clocks."

DAY 3 - Thursday, September 21​​​

​AddVISIA: A Platform to Explore Multimodal Imaging and Fusion Capabilities​​

"In recent years, imaging technologies were developed and improved, opening new applications on the market. However, selecting and testing imaging systems could be complex and resources consuming for non-experts, especially when new generation sensors or disruptive technologies are needed. It is even more challenging if multiple sensors run in parallel and their information captured and fused either on the fly or postprocessed. To enable wider use of imaging technologies, a technical team from CEA Grenoble with support of IRT Nanoelec and major imager manufacturers (ST, Lynred & Prophesee) developed AddVisia.

AddVisia propose a service to allow end-users to explore what imaging can do for their specific needs. It is based on a technical platform running several cameras in parallel, managing synchronization and spatial coherence between sensors based on various technologies : visible, event-based, Near infrared, Short Wave IR (SWIR), thermal infrared, Time-Of-Flight arrays (TOF)."

Session 6: Disruptive Technologies ​​​(9:50 am - 10:00 am​)

Christophe Vautey

Innovation Project Ma​nager


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