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Jean Marc Fedeli

Bio de Jean Marc Fedeli : Expert International

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jean-Marc Fedeli  received his electronics engineer diploma from INPG Grenoble in 1978. Then he conducted researches at the CEA-LETI on various magnetic memories and magnetic components as project leader, group leader, and program manager. Since 2002, under a large partnership with universities and research laboratories, he works on various technological aspects on Photonics on CMOS (Si rib and stripe waveguides, Si3N4 and a-Si waveguides, slot waveguides, Si modulators, Ge photodetectors, InP sources on Si. His main focus was on the photonics-electronics integration and Ge photodetection. Under the European FP7, he was involved in the WADIMOS ,PhotonFAB (ePIXfab) projects and was program manager of the HELIOS project.  He is currently managing the FP7 PLAT4M project on Silicon Photonics Platform and involved in a CELTIC telecom project as well as in projects on integrated optics for sensing.​



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