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Guinness world record beaten by LITEN/LETI

​CEA Tech broke the existing record for the highest quantity of electricity generated by bicycle power on the 17th September/2015 with over 630 watt hours generated in four hours, beating the previous record by a significant margin.

Published on 22 September 2015

​CEA Tech (France’s leading public research organization) is a specialist in the development of new sustainable energy, advanced materials, energy efficiency technologies and micro/nanoelectronics amongst other fields of innovation.  CEA Tech recently broke the existing Guinness world record for the highest quantity of electricity generated by bicycle power (the current record being held by Emanuel Fernando Valdez Avila in Mexico – 495.4 watt hours) at the JMD event, one of France's largest event's dedicated to sustainable transport.

 In order to try to beat this record CEA Tech’s LETI and LITEN research institutes used a turbo trainer fitted with a high performance alternator, based on patented CEA Tech technology, at the heart of which lies an extremely powerful bespoke magnet. 

CEA Tech selected, home-grown talent, in the form of Sebastien Donet, a researcher at our centre, who rode the bike that smashed the current record achieving 630 watt hours. The alternators offer significant potential for a variety of applications, see below.

​Advantages​Product Characteristics
​Electrical energy generation for vehicles with/without motors and rolling objects
​High output (up to 90%°
​High power bespoke magnet
​Wind turbines/renewable energy
​Able to work with high speed rotation/power
​No magnetic circuitry
​recharging electronic devices
​Highly efficient, even at low speed
​Original coil design
​Educational devices


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