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Hydrogen Production & Storage

Published on 4 August 2020

​Hydrogen Production & Storage

Exploring the potential of Hydrogen, a new source of energy

This platform focuses exclusively on hydrogen as an energy vector. Projects include reversible high-temperature electrolysis technology and the coupling of this technology with renewable energy production. Liten utilizes the platform's testing lab to develop and qualification-test demonstrators of significant sizes, from stacks through to complete systems.

The SOEC/SOFC fabrication lab:

  • Preparation, quality control, and assembly of components into stacks

  • Fabrication process reliability (throughput of 1 to 2 stacks per week)

The experimentation lab:

  • Component performance and lifespan characterization from single cell to SOEC/SOFC system in conditions representative of the target applications

  • Performance and lifespan testing in electrolysis (SOEC), fuel-cell (SOFC), reversible (rSOC), and co-electrolysis (co-SOEC) modes; lifespan testing up to several thousand hours available

Off-site PAPRHYCKA lab:

  • Characterization of different hydrogen technologies (electrolyzers and hydrogen storage) at larger scales (typically 10 Nm3/h of H2 produced and 15 kg H2 stored)

  • Characterization and validation of system management strategies, including from a technical and economic standpoint


icone1.jpg40 researchers and technicians

icone2.jpg €6 million in investment

icone3.jpg 800 sq. m facility plus a 120 sq. m outdoor testing area

Around 10 industrial partners

45 patents, 7 patent applications per year