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Published on 10 September 2021


Supporting future generations of batteries

The battery platform develops and produces small runs of lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility and stationary applications, from high-power capacities down to portable electronics. The platform is home to a wide range of activities. It identifies and synthesizes performance-enhancing materials, fabricates components (electrodes, electrolytes), assembles battery packs, and integrates packs into systems. In terms of testing, the platform possesses specific performance and safety tests. It is home to more pilot-scale battery equipment than any other contract R&D facility in Europe.

There are four main labs at the platform:

The materials lab scales up materials synthesis processes:

  • Scales up synthesis processes from lab to pilot scale

  • Develops pilot-scale processes for specific materials

  • Synthesizes 1-kilogram patches of powders for cell production

The battery lab for Li-ion cell production: 

  • Provides users with operational, high-performance equipment and infrastructures at prototype and pilot scales

  • Produces inks, electrodes, and Li-ion batteries

  • Completes the battery electrical formation process

The assembly, pack, and module lab:

  • Implements, develops, improves the reliability of, and maintains assembly tools

  • Assembles battery packs

The testing and qualification lab:

  • Tests batteries in normal, off-normal, and abusive conditions

  • Instruments batteries to acquire physical data during electrical testing

  • Runs abuse testing

  • Ensures the validity of tests and results

VideoEnsuring better battery safety through enhanced characterization and sizing


icone1.jpg200 researchers and technicians

icone2.jpg €40 million in investment

icone3.jpg3,000 sq. m, including 1,000 sq. m of anhydrous chambers

30 industrial partners

 Grenoble & Chambéry