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Published on 31 July 2020

​Fuel Cell

This platform takes a novel approach to PEMFC design and optimization that encompasses materials, membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA), stacks, and testing in conditions representative of actual operation. The purpose is to speed up the transfer of new technologies; an aggressive intellectual property strategy has been set up to support this goal.

The platform has five labs:

Fuel-cell core and MEA: 

  • Fabrication of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA) for different stack designs

  • Technology scaleup

  • Fabrication process innovation

Fuel-cell core electrochemical characterization:

  • Testing and characterization of MEAs (in individual cells or in stacks)
  • Building databases to advance the platform's knowledge

Bipolar plate and stack assembly:

  • The development of innovative bipolar plates at lab scale; prototyping

  • Improvements to stack design and assembly to boost performance

  • Implementation, development, and reliability of automated assembly tools

Fuel-cell systems:

  • Development and production of systems for mobility

  • Characterization of PEM and hybrid system prototypes

Testing and qualification:

  • Electrical testing and data analysis

  • Degradation analysis to lengthen lifespans and boost performance

  • Local physical data acquisition from instrumented PEMFCs


icone1.jpg40 engineers and technicians

icone2.jpg €6 million in investment

icone3.jpg 500 sq. m

Over 10 industrial partners

10 - 20 patent applications per year