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CEA-Liten initiates ISO 50001 Energy Management System to improve energy use

​The CEA rolled out an Energy Performance Plan (EPP) across its nine locations in France in 2022—a list that includes the CEA’s Grenoble campus. The five-year EPP outlines the CEA’s energy savings targets and associated action items. The overriding objective is to make the CEA’s facilities more energy efficient.  A year after the CEA-wide EPP, CEA-Grenoble is now developing an Energy Management System (EMS) and applies for ISO 50001 certification.

Published on 15 June 2023

 The EMS will provide a framework for even greater energy savings. The tool will leverage theoretical energy consumption models and real-time consumption metering and other measurements. In terms of human resources, a team of “Energy Coordinators" will be set up at the CEA institutes—including CEA-Liten—present on the Grenoble campus. The team will be in charge of day-to-day implementation and will report to a Site Energy Coordinator, who will oversee the program on a campus-wide basis.

The first step was an energy audit that inventoried all loads at all buildings on the CEA-Grenoble campus so that the biggest consumers could be identified. The audit factored in not only the energy usage of the buildings themselves, but also of the activities that take place inside them. One of CEA-Liten's biggest energy consumers turned out to be the building where the anhydrous rooms used for battery research and development are located. This building will be the first target of the energy-efficiency measures in the ISO standard. These measures will build on previous energy-efficiency projects in this building. Now, new energy performance indicators will be set up to more effectively measure improvements. The EMS will be rolled out gradually across the other buildings.

Following the audit carried out at the beginning of june, CEA Grenoble was recommended for ISO-50001 certification.

The project aligns 100% with CEA-Liten's mission of supporting the energy transition. The institute puts its expertise in energy efficiency and decarbonization—two of its main R&D priorities—in service to its research partners, whether they are companies or academic institutions. The ISO certification is a natural evolution of CEA-Liten's positioning in today's energy landscape.

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