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DistrictLab-H: a digital solution for heat networks

​CEA-Liten and its partners have been looking at ways to optimize the management of urban heat networks for many years. Recently, they developed innovative algorithms and integrated them in a suite of software called DistrictLab-H. 

Published on 6 May 2022

The software has two interoperable modules. The first is a simulation tool for testing new configurations, like connecting additional end users to a heating network. The second is an online mode that helps operators optimize energy production and distribution and make their heating networks greener and more efficient. The software was scaled up to cover large urban networks as well as neighborhood-scale microgrids and has been successfully rolled out in the French cities of Grenoble and Metz.

DistrictLab H is now the subject of a business creation project. Supported by the CEA as part of its innovation support program, this project aims to industrialize the solution and develop a commercial version ready for market by 2023. 

The software suite DistrictLab-H™ assists the designer in getting an optimized layout.

VideoDistrictLab-H: A software solution to master thermal grids

The DistrictLab-H™ software is now available in a commercial version. Please visit w​ for further details.​

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