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EFCF 2022 : Two CEA-Liten’s researchers chair this European forum dedicated to hydrogen

​The EUROPEAN EFCF 2022 forum will be chaired by Dr. Julie Mougin, Head of Hydrogen Technologies Department at CEA-Liten, and Dr. Jérôme Laurencin, senior scientist and expert fellow SOC (Solid Oxide Cells) at CEA-Liten. The 15th edition of this international event will address Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOE) matters, and will be held at Lucerne, Switzerland, from 5 to 8 july 2022.

Published on 1 July 2022

"The energy transition, essential to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, will involve a large number of technologies for hydrogen production, storage and transport. Solid Oxide Electrolysis technology can play a key role for a cost-competitive clean hydrogen production thanks to its high efficiency. It can also contribute to the generation of synthetic fuels or molecules of interest, with the specific asset of steam and CO2 co-electrolysis to produce syngas. Solid Oxide Fuel cells allow the use of non-carbon based liquid fuels, like ammonia, with a high reaction efficiency

R&D supports the growing number of European industries in this market for the deployment of these innovative technologies, the decrease of their cost, and finally their uptake for different applications. The implementation of modelling and advanced characterization bring a better understanding of physico-chemical phenomena, in order to further increase performance, durability and robustness for the development of these innovative technologies.

We are glad and honoured to chair the 15th EFCF Forum in this motivating hydrogen enthusiastic period. We are looking forward to build discussions between all stakeholders, from research to industry, and exchange the knowledge."

Julie Mougin et Jérôme Laurencin

  • Meet CEA-Liten on its joint stand with Genvia n°B04.

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