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Smart-grid systems

Wind-farm energy management system rolled out in Guadeloupe

The French National Solar Energy Institute (INES) developed and tested an energy management system coupled with battery-based energy storage. The solution is currently being rolled out at the Sainte Rose wind farm in Guadeloupe.

Published on 2 May 2019

To successfully integrate more renewable energy into island grids without generating local disruptions, energy producers have to align with strict requirements. They must be able to provide utilities with a production profile for the next day and make sure that they can deliver. Valorem, which manages the Sainte Rose wind farm in Guadeloupe, turned to Liten, a CEA Tech institute, to develop a solution.

Liten supported Valorem with determining the right size for the energy storage system for the wind farm. The partners also joined forces to develop an energy management system to run the whole solution in real time and ensure that all requirements were met. When the wind farm produces surplus energy, an algorithm sends the surplus to the batteries. If not enough energy is produced, the batteries fill the gap. The decisions, which are made in real time, also take into account economic data.

The solution was tested on a laboratory model at INES's PRISMES platform and has been successfully rolled out at the Sainte Rose wind farm. The two 5.2 MWh batteries installed store energy from the site’s eight 2 MW wind turbines.

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