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WattAlps, energy storage solutions

Published on 15 December 2022
Safe, high-performance batteries for industrial vehicle electrification

More efficient, less expensive, and safer—the innovative lithium-ion batteries developed by WattAlps are electrifying a wide range of industrial vehicles, a major technological breakthrough that boosts productivity and profitability. Cleaner, quieter work sites mean that WattAlps batteries are good for the environment and for workers, too.

A modular battery that can be arranged and rearranged like blocks - © WattAlps

WattAlps three founders have brought their diverse experiences to a company that has managed to create a breakthrough innovation in only a few years: a modular, immersion-cooled lithium-ion battery. Designed for small and medium series, it offers manufacturers the key advantages of adaptability, performance, and safety. Not to mention savings—the battery’s development cost is 20 times lower than that of conventional high-performance batteries. WattAlps batteries are reusable and recyclable, evidence of the company’s commitment to the energy transition.

Two of the three founders of the startup came from the CEA, where they developed and patented the technologies exclusively reserved for today’s WattAlps solution.

Key figure: 2

Battery form factors up to 2x more compact

Key markets:

  • Industrial and construction vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Logistics
  • Maritime
  • Niche vehicles: sports cars, vintage cars, etc.

Technologies used:

  • Lithium-ion batteries with immersion cooling

Year founded: 2018

CEA Institutes: LITEN