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Regulations and standards

​​for nanomaterials use

Published on 30 January 2017

In Europe, there are a few regulations concerning the use of nanomaterials in certain consumer products. However, there are currently no laws that specifically address the production, transformation, handling, and commercialization of nanomaterials or products containing nanomaterials.

This is not to say that nanomaterials are not covered by existing laws. Nanomaterials are chemical substances. Therefore, nanomaterials currently fall under the existing laws and regulations targeting chemical substances. EU and EU Member State occupational and consumer health and safety laws, while they do not specifically mention nanomaterials, do cover nanomaterials.


Compliance with the regulations that apply to nanomaterials is either required, such as for EU or national laws, or voluntary, for regulations and standards developed by organizations like ISO (international), CEN (Europe), and AFNOR (France). In addition, the OECD has published nanomaterials guidelines to support the implementation of nanomaterial-related laws and regulations.