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Scientific Committee


Published on 30 January 2017


François Tardif ​

François Tardif is currently Head of the CEA Grenoble Nanosafety Platform's Nanomaterials Production Department, located on the MINATEC innovation campus. The department boasts three labs: colloidal synthesis, physical production processes, and nanocharacterization and safety. 

Mr. Tardif is a member of the Electrochemical Society and has authored more than 80 scientific articles and organized a number of conferences on silicon characterization processes, ultra-traces of contamination, and nanosafety. 



Jean-François Damlencourt

Jean-François Damlencourt is Director of the CEA Grenoble Nanosafety Platform’s Laboratory for Nanocharacterization and Nanosafety Research.  

​Samir Derrough

Samir Derrough was appointed Associate Director of the Laboratory for Nanocharacterization and Nanosafety Research in 2014.

Daniel Bernard

Daniel Bernard is Scientific Advisor to the CEA Grenoble Nanosafety Platform. He chairs the Nanotechnology Commission of the French Society of Engineers and Scientists (IESF) and the Nanotechnology Standards Commission of French standards organization AFNOR. He also coordinates the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Technical Committee on Nanotechnology’s Health, Safety, and Environment working group. He is a member of the Club Nano-métrologie Board of Directors. He is also a member of the French Chemical Society (SCF) and the American Chemical Society, and is France’s representative to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). ​ ​