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Large equipment

​​​​​​EQUIPEX Nano ID

Published on 19 April 2017
The Nanosafety Platform has advanced nanoparticle characterization tools and has access to the NanoID Center's resources for characterizing nanoparticles in complex environments. These resources are rounded out by direct access to the Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC), which has the most advanced equipment on the CEA Grenoble campus.

EQUIPEX NANOID : characterization of nanoparticle blends in complex matrices (ground, food, biological environments)


FFF-ICP-MS: analytical chain for separating and characterizing nanoparticles in complex environments (biological fluids, food)  


Biological fluid and food testing; environmental monitoring; effluent and sludge characterization

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 Equipex NanoID​ laboratory

 Photo credit: Denis MOREL/CEA