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The French Nanomet Project

​The aim of this project is to support SMEs in their nanomaterials characterization.

Published on 8 September 2017
French SMEs are using more and more nanoparticles to develop new innovative materials. This implies that they are able to control metrology issues.

The NANOMET project was launched to help SMEs and to develop traceable reference measurement methods, in order to guarantee the accuracy and therefore the reliability of the measurements.

Free of charge, the documents from the NANOMET project include information on the definition, regulation and metrology of nanoparticles, as well as educational and technical sheets detailing the reference developed methods.

These various tools allow:
• to improve the reliability of measures carried out by companies involved in the nanomaterial field,
• to improve the competitiveness of these companies,
• to support the development of the nanomaterials sector in France.

To download these documents, go to (the website is in French only)
Contact: Sébastien Artous -