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Research fields


Published on 30 January 2017

DRF takes part in the deciphering of the laws governing the universe by trying to answer the most fundamental questions. What are the constituents of matter? How is nuclear matter organized? What is the energy content of the universe? How is it structured?

Closer to our homeworld, it also studies condensed matter. The complexity of its physics unveils surprising, even exotic properties such as superconductivity.
Another aspect of matter is nanoscience. It calls on a great variety of fields: electronics, photonics, magnetism, chemistry and biology.

Finally, DRF is of course well aware of the extensive topic revolving around interactions between matter and any type of radiation (synchrotron radiation, accelerated electrons and heavy ions, laser radiation, and others). This is particularly true for ultra-intense lasers, for the study of which DRF join forces with its partners from the Université Paris-Saclay on its site of l'Orme des merisiers, in St-Aubin (France).