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Publié le 23 mars 2019
Senior scientist and deputy director at SPINTEC Laboratory.

Research topics
My research topic is magnetism and spintronics of low-dimensional structures, with a special focus on magnetization processes with and within domain walls. I am mostly concerned with fundamental processes. I investigate model systems, for a better knowledge and control. This lead me to develop an expertise at the frontier of several areas: experimental and theoretical micromagnetism ; surface and interface magnetism, material science; epitaxial growth and chemical synthesis, particularly for self-organization; advanced magnetic microscopies. My main current focus is fundamental issues related to the prospects for a 3D race-track memory using magnetic nanowires. I am currently coordinating a European project on this topic (http://mem3d.eu).

Scientific output
32 invitations in conferences / workshops; 73 seminars and invited lectures in schools
57 publications (+19 proceedings), including 2 review articles. 2 chapters, book under way.
Invited Editor for two series of articles (C. R. Phys., French Physical Society bulletin)
14 PhD advisor (incl. 10 as main), 14 Master-2 advisor (incl. 12 as main)

Teaching activities
Total: circa 900h
2012-: Master lectures (N2, Grenoble), topic: Nanomagnetism and spintronics.
2006-: PhD lectures at Grenoble Universities: Nanomagnetism and spintronics. Various practicals.
2002 - 2006: Master-Pro Technics and Application of Physique in Grenoble, speciality Engineering of Magnetic Systems: ‘Magnetic Thin Films and Nanostructures’.
1993-95 / 1999-2001: teaching (‘colles’) in Physics in ‘preparatory classes’, Grenoble.
1995 - 1998: Practicals and lectures in Grenoble Alpes University.

2011 : Senior research scientist at CNRS.
2003: Habilitation diploma, by Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble-INP).
1999 : CNRS tenure Junior research scientist, Laboratory Louis Néel (Grenoble).
1998-1999: Post-doctoral stay in the MPI in Halle (Germany), supervised by J. Kirschner.
1994-1998: PhD in Laboratoire Louis Néel, supervized by D. Givord and J.-P. Nozières.
1991-94: Undergraduate in École Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris); Master in Solid State Physics (Orsay)

Management and organizational positions
• Deputy director for SPINTEC Laboratory (2016 – ).
• Deputy director for the department of Nanosciences at Institut NEEL (2011-2015)
• Creator and organizer of the European School on Magnetism (2007-), creator of MAGNETISM.eu, a European gateway to Magnetism that served as a plateform for the creation of the European Magnetism Association
Scientific committees (JSI, JMC7&JMC9, symposium at ICCG14/ICVGE12, Symposia at JEMS06&13, Dautreppe2014, ICMFS2013&15, JEMS2016), organizing committees (ESM, JEMS01, CLN2004, JSI2008, Nanomagnets 2009, Dautreppe 2009,IWMNT2015)
Webmaster of scientific Web sites (Magnetism.eu, ESM, lab group, conferences, Schools etc.).
Societies: French & European Physical Societies, IEEE Magnetics Senior Member

• Evaluation Board of CNRS (Comité National section 03, 2004-2009), Advisory Board of the French Physical Society, Condensed Matter Division (2005-2008).
• Program committee at Synchrotron Soleil, “Solid state physics / Materials / Nano-sciences: electronic properties” (2009-2014); and advisory board of several beamlines and instruments.
• Expert for OMNT (Micro- and Nano-Technology Watch Group, 2005-2010).
• President of the scientific committee of Labex NIE (Strasbourg, 2012-)

Private web page
Publications through: ORCID, Research gate, HAL.