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Micropatterning in Cell Biology: Part C

​​​​​​​​This new volume of Methods in Cell Biology looks at micropatterning in cell biology and includes chapters on protein photo-patterning on PEG with benzophenone, laser-directed cell printing and dip pen nanolithography. The cutting-edge material in this comprehensive collection is intended to guide researchers for years to come.

Published on 5 September 2014

Edited by Matthieu Piel and Manuel Théry
Academic Press
ISBN: 978-0-12-800281-0
Vol. 121, 2014, 280 pages

Micropatterning in Cell Biology: Part C


Section 1: Micro-Patterning soft subtrates

Chapter 1 - Preparation of a Micropatterned Rigid-Soft Composite Substrate for Probing Cellular Rigidity Sensing
Pages 3-15
Stephanie Wong, Wei-hui Guo, Ian Hoffecker, Yu-li Wang

Chapter 2 - Patterned Hydrogels for Simplified Measurement of Cell Traction Forces
Pages 17-31
Samuel R. Polio, Michael L. Smith

Chapter 3 - Micropatterning Hydroxy-PAAm Hydrogels and Sylgard 184 Silicone Elastomers with Tunable Elastic Moduli
Pages 33-48
Marie Versaevel, Thomas Grevesse, Maryam Riaz, Joséphine Lantoine, Sylvain Gabriele

Chapter 4 - The Facile Generation of Two-Dimensional Stiffness Maps in Durotactic Cell Platforms Through Thickness Projections of Three-Dimensional Submerged Topography
Pages 49-60
C.H.R. Kuo, J. Láng, O. Láng, L. K?hidai, E. Sivaniah

Chapter 5 - Micropatterning on Micropost Arrays
Pages 61-73
Nathan J. Sniadecki, Sangyoon J. Han, Lucas H. Ting, Shirin Feghhi

Chapter 6 - Development of Micropatterned Cell-Sensing Surfaces
Pages 75-90
Jungmok You, Dong-Sik Shin, Alexander Revzin

Chapter 7 - Microfluidic Patterning of Protein Gradients on Biomimetic Hydrogel Substrates
Pages 91-102
Steffen Cosson, Matthias P. Lutolf

Section 2: Cell and tissue Micro-Patterning in 3D

Chapter 8 - Micropatterning of Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Hydrogels
Pages 105-119
Saniya Ali, Maude L. Cuchiara, Jennifer L. West

Chapter 9 - Curved and Folded Micropatterns in 3D Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering
Pages 121-139
Cem Onat Yilmaz, Zinnia S. Xu, David H. Gracias

Chapter 10 - Cell Migration in Confined Environments
Pages 141-153
Daniel Irimia

Chapter 11 - Micropatterned Porous Membranes for Combinatorial Cell-Based Assays
Pages 155-169
Clément Vulin, Fanny Evenou, Jean Marc Di Meglio, Pascal Hersen

Chapter 12 - Micropatterning Cells on Permeable Membrane Filters
Pages 171-189
Sahar Javaherian, Ana C. Paz, Alison P. McGuigan

Chapter 13 - Microfabrication of a Platform to Measure and Manipulate the Mechanics of Engineered Microtissues
Pages 191-211
Alexandre Ramade, Wesley R. Legant, Catherine Picart, Christopher S. Chen, Thomas Boudou

Chapter 14 - Methods for Two-Dimensional Cell Confinement
Pages 213-229
Maël Le Berre, Ewa Zlotek-Zlotkiewicz, Daria Bonazzi, Franziska Lautenschlaeger, Matthieu Piel

Chapter 15 - Benzophenone-Based Photochemical Micropatterning of Biomolecules to Create Model Substrates and Instructive Biomaterials
Pages 231-242
Aurora J. Turgeon, Brendan A. Harley, Ryan C. Bailey

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