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CEA-Leti Announces 17 Papers to Be Presented At Photonics West 2021 and a Virtual Workshop on March 25

Published on 2 March 2021

​GRENOBLE, France – March 2, 2021 – CEA-Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, will present 14 papers during Photonics West 2021, March 6-11, including an invited paper, "Advanced roughness characterization for 300mm Si photonics patterning & optimization".

  • In addition, the institute will host a virtual workshop, "Emerging Photonic and Integration Technologies for Healthcare" on March 25.

  • The one-hour event will explore coming innovations in photonics, and will include virtual stands where participants can discuss their innovations. Group-and-private chat networking will be available through text, video and audio chat.

 Photonic Workshop Presentations

  • CEA-Leti's vision on bioelectronics  Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO
  • New  therapeutic approach for Parkinson's disease leveraging NIR light  Cécile Moro, Clinatec Project Manager
  • Computational microscopy for health applications  Sophie Morales, Head of Imaging Systems for Biology and Health Lab
  • Emerging sensors tackling environmental and medical challenge  Bertrand Bourlon, Head of the Optical Sensors Lab
  • The rise of quantum photonics computing and communication  Ségolène Olivier, Quantum Photonics Program Manager
  • Toward deep electronics and photonics integration  Fabrice Guellec, Head of Smart Integrated Circuits for Imaging Lab

See times in Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco on Website

Papers by Topic at Photonics West

Retinal Projections & Heads-up Display

  • Transparent cube corner array manufacturing process for head up display applications
  • Improved mathematical model for a dense network of waveguides and electrodes designPixelated holographic reflector recording for retinal projection devices
  • Analysis of new optical addressing strategies for the optimization of retinal projection display
  • Experimental validation of SiN photonic integrated waveguide arrays at λ = 532nm for Augmented Reality display applications

3D Imagers (LiDARs)

  • Free space 3D FMCW imaging system: towards consumer application – 
  • Three Dimensional FMCW scanless imaging: optical challenges and solutions



  • Multispectral lensless imaging in the mid-infrared for label-free identification of Staphylococcus species
  • Mid infrared multispectral imaging for tumorous tissues detection
  • Cavity optomechanics for trace gas detection


Silicon Photonics

  • Development, calibration and characterisation of silicon photonics based optical phased array 
  • Si capacitive modulator integration in a 300mm silicon photonics platform using different annealing conditions
  • Advanced roughness characterization for 300mm Si photonics patterning & optimization (Invited)


  Healthcare Biomedical Imaging

  • Optical bacteriophage susceptibility testing by SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance)
  • SOLUS: an innovative multimodal imaging system to improve breast cancer diagnosis through diffuse optics and ultrasounds
  • A multi-laboratory comparison of photon migration instruments and their performances: the BitMap exercise
  • Deep learning framework applied to optical diffraction tomography
  • Poster:  Phase imaging of supracellular structures with lens-free microscopy 

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