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Published on 31 July 2020


Liten provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who would like to gain experience in fields that align with their majors.

Hands-on experience in high-tech innovation

Completing an internship or conducting technology research at a Liten lab is a good way for students to apply their knowledge to projects that address the challenges currently facing industrial companies and society at large.

Most student interns at Liten are assigned to teams where they are exposed to innovative methods and are given opportunities to use some of the very advanced equipment available at Liten's ten digital platforms and labs.

As a student intern, your experience at Liten will help get your career off to a strong start, whether you plan to find a job in industry or pursue further research in an academic setting.

Internships are available for students currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate programs (Associates, Bachelors, and Masters). All interns are assigned a supervisor, but are expected to work more and more independently as their project progresses.

Internship openings at Liten are posted on the CEA jobs portal: 

If you don't see a specific opening that is right for you but would like us to keep your application on file, you can submit it on the CEA job portal.