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CES 2022


Direct Analysis unveil its new Direct'Field® reader at CES® 2022.
This revolutionary portable device prepares the sample and reads
the DNA amplification test right at the sample collection point. Combined with our Xtralyz LD® consumables, our reliable and
easy-to-use reader makes detecting and identifying bacteria
simple: Just insert the chip into the Direct'Field® reader to get the
test results.

Published on 14 December 2021


Direct Analysis, a CEA-Leti startup, initially developed Xtralyz®, a fast, easy-to-use lab-on-chip, to meet the food manufacturing industry’s bacteriological testing needs.

Integrating Xtralyz® into a PCR or other biomolecular testing protocol can produce results four times faster.

Early detection of pathogens in food plants can help prevent human infection and reduce product recalls and discard.