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CES 2022


Dolphin Design is a specialist in high performance, low power consumption embedded AI. To this end, Dolphin has created the SPEED platform, which combines analogue/mixed-signal and digital IPs to realise energy-efficient devices for AI. This platform offers the best compromise in terms of software flexibility, energy efficiency and peak performance for Edge AI devices.

Published on 14 December 2021


SPEED is an IP platform that combines analog/mixed signal and digital IPs to enable highly energy efficient AI-enabled devices.

SPEED includes:

  • SPIDER power management
  • BAT audio codec
  • CHAMELEON MCU subsystem
  • PANTHER multicore versatile DSP processor
  • RAPTOR neural processing unit accelerators

These IPs were designed to tackle the energy efficiency challenge created by AI-enabled devices, which are either battery operated or have tight power constraints.

SPEED elegantly combines fine-grained, adaptive power management with DSP and AI accelerators. The best-in-class embedded AI capablities of SPEED IP were made possible by Dolphin Design and CEA-List.

It offers the best tradeoff in terms of SW flexibility, energy efficiency, and peak performance for Edge AI devices by leveraging CEA-List's PNeuro® AI hardware and N2D2 /SESAM too.