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Published on 5 August 2020

​Low-carbon Mobility / Free-carbon Mobility

Toward more environmentally-responsible mobility.

The latest advances in electric mobility align with national, EU, and international energy policies designed to prepare us for two challenges in the coming decades:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb pollution in urban areas.

  • Achieve energy independence at the national and EU levels to reduce oil imports and minimize dependency on critical raw materials with the goal of bolstering the national and EU economies in the global arena.

A proven strategy: model, develop, test

To develop an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle, a battery (or fuel cell) alone is not enough. A holistic, system-level approach is needed from the early design phases. When designing and building hybrid battery/fuel-cell drivetrains, Liten addresses all aspects, from the power and control electronics and the integration of these systems into prototypes through to monitoring and interpreting data from road tests. Liten also addresses how to couple these vehicles with renewable energy, working closely with other research groups that focus on developments for cars and other land, air, and water vehicles.