Gasification Equipment and New Energy Platform of Innovation

Based on the CEA site in Grenoble, the GENEPI platform offers experimental tools for the preparation (drying, torrefaction, grinding) and gasification (entrained flow reactor) of various biomass and waste resources.

Halfway between the lab and demonstration scales, GENEPI is a totally unique R&D platform in Europe, which aims to be accessible to academic and industrial actors. It works as an open innovative platform, where each user can test ideas for technological improvement, carry out experimental campaigns on different types of resources, and conduct collaborative projects.

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Our Labs

The Laboratory for Preparation of Bioresources (LPBworks on the characterization and preparation of various biomass and waste resources by means of mechanical and/or thermal pretreatment processes. It includes grinding, sieving, pressurization, powder injection, drying, torrefaction or slow pyrolysis.

The Laboratory for Thermal Conversion of Bioresources (LTCBworks on the development of biomass and waste-to-energy processes (heat, electricity), as well as processes dedicated to the production of 2G/3G biofuels and green chemicals. It has wide expertise in gasification processes and technologies dedicated to dry resources (fixed bed, fluidized bed, entrained flow reactor) and wet resources (hydrothermal liquefaction, supercritical water gasification). It is equipped with numerous analytical devices to characterize the products (gas, bio-oil, bio-crude, char), study the reaction kinetics, and analyze the inorganic species and their interactions with materials.