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Article | Renewable energies

Experimental pilot to study torrefaction under industrial conditions


Published on 19 April 2017


Study of reaction kinetics and characterisation of physical and chemical phenomena

Study of operating conditions and biomass/waste resources influence on:

  • -  Characteristics and homogeneity of the torrefied product
  1. -  Produced torrefaction gas 
  2. Study of innovative torrefaction systems and heat integration


Belt dryer

  • - Temperature: 20-120°C
  • - Mass flow: 50-150 kg/h

Multiple-hearth torrefaction furnace

- Temperature: 200-350°C

- Mass flow: 50-150 kg/h

Atmospheric pressure

- Feedstock:

     - Chips or pellets

     - Wood, agricultural residues, non-hazardous wastes

Moisture < 10 % (after drying)


Wall and gas temperature measurement (thermocouple and pyrometer)

Mass flow measurement (solid and gas)

Measurement of particle residence time using innovative tracing solutions 

Measurement of major gas (CO, H2, CH4, H2O, CO2), minor gas and tar concentrations (tar protocol)

Tar measurement by SPA (Solid Phase Adsorption) sampling and quantification by gas chromatography