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The GENEPI project


Published on 19 April 2017
The development of renewable energy, including biomass energy, is a major priority for the French government, as its represents an essential growth relay for France and Europe. 
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Positioning of the Genepi R&D platform in the European landscape

The goal of the GENEPI project is to develop a pilot-scale R&D platform, open to the whole scientific and industrial community, able to solve national and international issues regarding the production of energy for biomass and waste, and especially the production of advanced biofuels through Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) process. This project consists more precisely in developing an experimental gasification platform, which associates an entrained-flow reactor (EFR), designed to work at elevated pressure and temperature, and a feedstock preparation unit based on torrefaction and grinding. The experimental results obtained on the platform are used to develop and validate modelling and simulation tools.

As an open-access platform, the GENEPI equipment can be used for high-level national and international programs as well as PhD projects. Those are expected to give rise to innovative results followed by patents or publications in international papers. Both large companies and SMEs will also be welcome on the platform, either to use the whole process chain on a specific resource, or to test and develop specific technology aspects for further implementation in industrial units.