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Research Centre in Particulate Solid Process Engineering, Energy and Environment

Published on 18 April 2017

The RAPSODEE Lab of Mines-Albi works on the development of "pyrolysis-combustion-gasification" processes. The challenge is the energy recovery of "difficult" solid fuels while reducing emissions, especially gas emissions, and improving the energy efficiency of the process. It has experimental devices - from the particle to the pilot scale - to simulate processes based on entrained reactor, fixed bed and rotating furnace. It owns the ValThera platform, which includes a 200 kW fixed-bed gasification pilot unit. It uses commercial codes for the simulation of detailed kinetics or complex flows, and develops its own particle and reactor models.

References: RAPSODEE was the partner of the European demonstration project LIFTOFF dedicated to the implementation of a wood gasifier in Denmark for cogeneration, the Concerted Action of the CNRS BIOMASTERS, the CINE-HT (led by CEA in Grenoble) and AMAZON ANR projects (led by FCBA in Grenoble) and the GAYA demonstration project, sponsored by ENGIE, dedicated to the implementation of a biomass gasification fluidized bed reactor. It has published numerous scientific papers in refereed journals, congresses and thesis. It is the leader of the WasteEng international conferences and the scientific journal "Waste and Biomass Valorisation".

albi img1.jpgalbi img2.jpg
Rotating furnace used to study drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis or calcination of granular materials 
(5 to 40 kg/h)
Drop tube reactor used to study pyrolysis, gasification or combustion of millimeter particles 
(250 to 1400°C)
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