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International policy of the DSV

Published on 26 March 2015
Research conducted at the DSV (Life Sciences Division) fits within the great societal challenges, whether it is health (aging and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, emerging infectious diseases, etc.) or energy (energetic transition, conservation of resources, etc.). The complexity of scientific and technical issues and the importance of implementing budgets has lead the DSV to develop European and international partnerships. Along these lines, the DSV maintains nearly 800 bilateral collaborations (particularly with universities) that are responsible for almost half of its publications (450 – 500 co-publications per year, out of almost 1,000 annually).

In addition, as part of its strategic international development the DSV:

  • deploys a forward-looking approach to cooperation
  • relies on research funding tools, especially European (e.g. framework programs of the European Commission)
  • implements its own programs to provide incentives for collaborations and mobility of its researchers
  • participates in the coordination of French positions via the Aviesan alliance, in order to improve the visibility and attractiveness of French research in the life and health sciences at the European and international levels
  • is involved in European and international initiatives and organizations to defend its strategic directions

European relations

International relations