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Plateforms, equipments and expertise

Research and validation of biomarkers and bioactives substances

The DSV combines high throughput screening with its expertise in combinatorial chemistry, functional genomics and cell biology to identify bioactive molecules and validate targets.

Published on 5 May 2015

​The DSV has high throughput screening equipment and collections of molecules (chemical libraries and RNAi banks) at its disposal to understand the roles of genes, protein-protein interactions and transporters. These are investigated in both normal and pathological cellular mechanisms, such as the immune response or carcinogenesis. Each collection is combined with a specific skill (combinatorial chemistry, automated and miniaturized cell tests, extracellular matrix micropatterns, etc.).

The chemical libraries

The chemical libraries of the combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening platform (at the CEA-IBITECS in Saclay) and the CMBA (Criblage pour des molécules bioactives, at the CEA-IRTSV in Grenoble) are used to discover and optimize new bioactive molecules. These can be tools for investigating cellular mechanisms, or candidates for future drugs. The molecules identified during different biological screens are optimized to increase their activity, thanks to the specific skills of chemists. Tests on living cells can be conducted at all stages, from the selection of a molecule to the evaluation of its therapeutic efficacy. The group is certified by IBiSA (G5C platform).
Supervisors: Jean-Christophe CINTRAT and Marie-Odile FAUVARQUE

the RNA interference platform

The technological facility PARi (plateforme ARN interférence at the CEA-IBITECS in Saclay) is dedicated to high throughput functional genomics on human cell lines. It enables cataloging the ensemble of genes or microRNAs that play a role in a biological function or metabolic pathway of interest, such as those involved in cancer. PARi relies on the skills of its researchers to develop and produce RNAi screening banks across a wide range of automated and miniaturized cell tests. PARi was certified by IBiSA in 2013.
Supervisor: Annick HAREL-BELLAN


The Biomics laboratory (at the CEA-IRTSV in Grenoble) puts in action a unique expertise, complementary to PARi in the study of cell proliferation/differentiation, especially to understand carcinogenesis. This expertise combines RNAi screening with a mastery of the cell microenvironment by developing 3D primary cell culture methods.
Supervisor: Xavier GIDROL