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Plateforms, equipments and expertise


​The DSV has an exceptional range of tools for studying the impact of ionizing radiation on humans and the environment.

Published on 5 May 2015

In order to study the impact of ionizing radiation on humans and the environment, the DSV has tools at its disposal to irradiate biological material at low doses, monitor the fate of radionuclides and their biological and pathological effects, and study their possible interactions with other chemicals in the environment. In addition to radiotoxicology studies, these tools are useful for examining the toxicology of heavy metals, decorporation, and carcinogenesis.

low dose irradiation platform

The irradiation platform (at the CEA-IRCM in Fontenay-aux-Roses) is dedicated to studying the potential effects of low doses of ionizing radiation on living organisms and human health. It therefore contributes directly to the rational assessment of risks linked to exposures less than around one hundred millisieverts. The secured facility offers both a wide spectrum of gamma radiation dose rates (from 0.1 to 1000 mGy/min) and the control of exposure time (from a few seconds to several days).
Supervisor: Jacqueline BERNARDINO-SGHERRI


The radiotoxicology laboratory (CEA-IRCM) has a technical facility at its disposal to study the fate of radionuclides used in the nuclear industry and their biological and pathological effects, as well as their possible interactions with chemicals in the environment and at work. The laboratory’s facilities are particularly suited to study actinides and long-lived radionuclides in vivo and in vitro.
Supervisor: Jaime ANGULO-MORA

phytotechnology under controlled conditions

SALTO (the "Salle pour la toxicologie nucléaire" at the CEA-IBEB in Cadarache) is a facility for studying the responses of bacteria or plants to radionuclide exposure, and determining how they are distributed in organisms and incorporated into their metabolism. SALTO has the necessary equipment (culture chambers under controlled conditions, biosafety cabinets, gamma imaging, etc.) for experimenting with radionuclides on plants and bacteria, as well as sample preparation for biochemical or genetic approaches. SALTO is part of Phytotec, the DSV platform performing plant experiments under controlled conditions for industry.
Supervisor: Laurent NUSSAUME