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"Translational Neuroscience Day" by NeurATRIS

Du 10/12/2019 au 10/12/2019
BioFIT, Marseille

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NeurATRIS and Dhune are delighted to announce that the next edition of “Translational neuroscience Day: challenges and opportunities”, will be held on December 10, 2019, in Marseille and hosted by BioFit.

This new edition will gather experts in neurodegenerative diseases and foster interactions between researchers, clinicians, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

NeurATRIS and Dhune will highlight their innovative translational research for neurodegenerative diseases with a market focus and strengthen the academia-industry relationships.

You will have the opportunity to:

- Meet researchers and clinicians with cutting edge expertise in translational research in neurodegenerative diseases

- Hear KOLs from Academia and Industry in round table sessions on Translational Neuroscience Research purposes / Stakes of Training in Translational Neuroscience

- Initiate R&D collaborative projects during the BioFit matchmaking session


More information and registration at: https://www.biofit-event.com/translational-neuroscience/   

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