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Séminaires externes

Publié le 1 février 2021
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​Séminaires passés

11 février 2021

Dr. Erika Brunet, Institut Imagine, Paris

Inducing cancer translocation in primary cells to decipher oncogenesis: from molecular signatures to in vivo tumors

4 mars 2021

Dr. Sébastien Huet, IGDR, Rennes

Analysis of early DNA repair steps controlled by poly(ADP-ribose) signaling.

Jeudi 16 novembre 2017 

Ignacio IZEDDIN, Institut Langevin, ESPCI, Paris

Nuclear architecture and gene regulation. A single-molecule and super-resolution microscopy approach

 Jeudi 9 novembre 2017

Sylvie TOURNIER, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Prepare Your Separation: Molecular Characterization of a Novel Telomere Disjoining Pathway, a Driven Force for Mitotic Completion
Jeudi 12 octobre 2017

Daniele FACHINETTI, Institut Curie, Paris
Neocentromeres Formation and Centromere Dysfunction: Routes in the Arising of Genome Instability
Jeudi 28 septembre 2017

Philippe Pasero, IGH, Montpellier
Processing of stalled replication forks : from genomic instability to inflammation
Vendredi 22 septembre 2017

Shunichi Takeda, Department of Radiation Genetics, Kyoto University, Japan
BRCA1 and Mre11 maintain genome integrity by eliminating transcriptionally-induced abortive Topoisomerase complexes