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Séminaire | Génomique

Labex GenMed Webinar #1

Polygenic Risk Scores: the Shortest Route from Bench to Bedside ?

Du 04/02/2021 au 04/02/2021

GENMED Webinar series #1

Polygenic Risk Scores: The Shortest Route from Bench to Bedside

Polygenic scores have become the standard for quantifying genetic liability in the prediction of disease risks. They are used in research to investigate the genetic origins of complex diseases and the potential application for improving preventive and clinical care. Polygenic risk scores can be used to identify people who are at increased risk of disease or who may benefit most from preventive or therapeutic interventions. This lecture focuses on the potential applications of polygenic risk scores. I will review 15 years of polygenic risk research and discuss lessons learned, lessons not learned, promising applications, and directions for future research.

By Professor A. Cecile J.W. Janssens

Emory University - Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, USA

4th of February 2021, 4pm – 5.30pm CET

 The format will be an online 1-hour presentation and 30 minutes of questions/discussion under the guidance of a moderator.


GENMED aims to promote the development of competitive research projects in human diseases both nationally and internationally in the context of Medical Genomics by evaluating, developing and implementing Next Generation Sequencing based technologies and methodologies together with integrated analysis of genomic data. In addition, GENMED is involved in education and training initiatives as well as promoting ethical aspects in order to build structural foundations to implement and develop Medical Genomics in France and beyond.


As part of its missions, GENMED has to date organized three yearly workshops on Medical Genomics involving internationally renowned speakers. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, GENMED has decided to replace this popular workshop with a number of online seminars.

The first 2021 webinar will be presented by Professor Cecile Janssens from Emory University who will discuss the use of polygenic risk scores in Medical Genomics.

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