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Recognised scientific excellence

Published on 17 June 2022

The CEA supports industrial Recognised scientific excellence by doing “technological” research, which is based on fundamental research of excellence in each sector of activity.​

​Because of the dual engineer/researcher culture at the CEA, companies can access the state-of-the-art of scientific knowledge expressed as innovative technological concepts that can be adapted to industrial requirements.

The excellence of the CEA’s researchers is acknowledged in France and abroad, as various indicators have shown year after year:

  • more than 5,200 publications each year in scientific journals with reading committees;
  • numerous prizes and distinctions won both in France and internationally: various prizes from the Académie des Sciences, young researcher prizes, prizes from foundations, etc.

The CEA also has a strong showing among the various awards for innovation won by its researchers: awards from INPI (France’s national intellectual property institute), competitions to assist innovative technology startup companies, French “societal resilience” awards, awards for women in industry (L’Usine nouvelle magazine), etc.

To maintain this level of excellence, the CEA relies particularly on the results of evaluations performed by its two consultancy bodies, the Scientific Council, a statutory body, and the Visiting Committee, a committee of international experts.

Furthermore, the French Agency for the Evaluation of Research & Higher Education (AERES) evaluates all the CEA’s institutes and departments using appropriate procedures.