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How to send your invoices?

Published on 10 May 2022

You are not a French supplier, you can send us your invoices:

  • in paper format, by sending them to the following address:
    Service S3C, CEA SACLAY Bât.530 PC 75, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex.
    Any invoice in paper format that does not mention the order number will not be processed and will be returned to the supplier.

  • by depositing them on CHORUS PRO, the portal of the French State, which has the following advantages:

    - No more lost paper invoices, sent to a wrong address or in PDF format by email,
    - No more mailings with associated delays,
    - Immediate availability of the invoice referenced to a CEA order,
    - Total traceability with mention of the invoice processing status until payment,
    - Autonomy to learn about the processing of your invoices by connecting yourself to the tool.

The CEA does not process invoices sent by email!

For more explanations regarding invoice mandatory information, invoice handling workflow and statuses, and what to do in case of non-compliant invoice, you may consult FUNDAMENTALS: HOW TO INVOICE CORRECTLY.

Submit your invoices onto the portal Chorus Pro

To submit your invoices onto the portal for the CEA, you must provide the information required by the financial services platform in order to process the invoice:

  • The CEA SIRET number: 77568501900587
  • The legally binding reference number, which is mentioned on your purchase order: the purchase order number begins with a 4 or 2 and comprises 10 characters 
  • The service code which is used to differentiate between the different services within an organisation. 

If you do not have these requirements, you must ask your CEA contact. This order number must be entered without any modifications to avoid the status ‘to be recycled’ (the invoice is returned owing to an error in the SIRET number, and/or service code, and/or legally binding reference number). You must correct this error without changing the invoice number and then resubmit the invoice on the portal.

To help set up your user account, the CEA can provide you with the AIFE fact sheet that it has enriched with its own comments Create an account in a few steps.

AIFE Fact sheets:

Link to useful documents online:

The French government’s financial information technology agency (AIFE) has put a series of tutorials online on how to use the portal correctly.